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Our Fearful Middle Class

A growing, thriving middle class has long been understood as the key to political stability. That’s been true throughout history, just as it is today. You look around the world and where you see a middle class population under stress, … Continue reading

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Get Real, Tea Party Fans

So you think being an angry voter is cool? Well, you now have a voice in American politics. The newly founded Tea Party has with the help of the media become a symbol for those of us who “don’t want … Continue reading

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Elena Kagan — Judicial Experience Not A Prerequisite

As the first female Dean of the Harvard Law School and the first woman to serve as U.S. Solicitor General, Elena Kagan has a track record of setting precedents. If confirmed, Ms. Kagan will become the youngest justice on the … Continue reading

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Market Crash – Did Wall Street Blink?

When the Dow Jones Industrial Industrial Average plunged almost a thousand points within a period of 15 minutes on Thursday, May 6, 2010, the credibility of Wall Street should have come into question. Should have because to this point there … Continue reading

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Check Your Paper Credit Card Statements

Can we all agree that going paperless is the way to go for the environment, for convenience, and just to eliminate a source of clutter in our homes? Not so fast. Credit card companies appear to be putting one over … Continue reading

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